Brew Academy

Learn The Steps.

Yes, you too can brew a great tasting beer! Your friends can home brew, we can home brew, so should you! 

Learn the steps

You choose your favourite style and we will help you create it.  Brew on your own, pairs or groups, our sessions are designed for those with little to no brewing experience, where you will learn the fundamental steps of creating an all-grain beer from scratch. Showing you the complete process; preparing the water, mashing in, boiling the wort, adding the hops, chilling and fermenting your beer. Your friends can home brew, we can home brew, so should you!


We have 12 stations; each station can brew 25L at a time.

  • You can run your station on your own or in pairs.
  • Three of you? Book an extra station or you can take turns in the brewing area.
  • Groups of three or more; book multiple stations, assigning two people to a station.
  • Bigger groups please make contact we have great options to facilitate any size group.
  • The session takes 3-4 hours, there is a short break to grab a bite and a drink.

Bigger brewing stations are coming, to be the first to know please keep an eye on our website or join our FB page.

Choose your brew:

  • Choose from our list of tried and tested recipes, ideal for beginners who want to ensure great brew day results.
  • Please confirm style and recipe 24 hrs before brew day.
  • Flying Solo and the more adventurous who want to develop your own recipe – send us your ingredients list 48 hrs before your session.
  • Our Tap Room features a few of the more popular styles – you might want to pop in and sample a few before you decide.
  • Most brewing duties are completed on brew day, depending on the style you choose you might need to come in for the finishing stages. This could include dry hopping, cold crash and clarify your beer you don’t need to book a time, you or the brew captain can pop in as anytime during opening hours.
  • Depending on the style or process you choose fermentation could take as little as 7 days or as long as 21 days – we will talk this through with you when you confirm the style and recipe.
  • Brewing in a group, assign a brew captain who will come to carry out the finishing steps.

Beer Styles

  • Lager/Pilsner – A crisp, easy drinking Bohemian Style Pilsner with fruity notes & mid-range bitterness
  • Aotearoa Pale Ale (APA) – A well rounded, balanced malt to hop ale using 100% NZ Hops & Malts
  • India Pale Ale – Dank! Plenty of hops added late in the boil to provide fragrant citrus & stone fruit notes which are sure to jump out at you.
  • Porter – Sessionable drink with mild bitterness, huge roasted malts & chocolate fragrance, with some coffee fragrance presence.
  • Oatmeal Stout – Velvety, smooth, full mouth feel, abundant with chocolate notes & low bitterness. A liquid dessert in your glass.
  • Cider – Refreshing, crispy, mild tartness, apple flavor with low carbonation. A great introduction to home brewing. *This is not made from all-grain or raw apples. Instead we use the William Warn cider kit & teach you all the steps from water treatment, yeast starter, sterilization & the benefits of pressure fermenting. 

What to bring on Brew Day:

  • Please wear comfortable closed toe shoes that you don’t mind getting a little grubby.
  • Your drivers’ licence, passport or 18+ card (Photo ID) – this is for Customs records.
  • Fun and a smile
  • We have the rest covered

Dry hopping, Crashing and Clarifying:

Depending on the style and recipe you choose will determine if and or when you or the brew captain would need to pop in to complete these steps. Each duty takes between 5-10 minutes to complete. You don’t need to book a time, just pop in during opening hours.

Or, if you prefer and have the facility you can simply hire our equipment and finish it off at home

Kegging or Bottling

  • At Brew Academy we are keg fans!!
  • Both have their pros and cons, you get to decide
  • A time needs to be scheduled to keg or bottle your product; this can be done on brew day.
  • Some craft beer styles are best fermented for a longer period of time, if you are brewing for an event, consider the timing needed for the finishing stages – chat to us we can help?!
  • We have a range of mini-kegs & bottles that you can purchase or hire, our bottles are glass only, no single use plastic here!
  • Traditional bottling of home brew beer, aka bottle conditioning, will mean that you’ll have to store your bottled beer at home at room temperature for 3 weeks before your product is ready.
  • If you bring in your own keg or bottles, please ensure that they have been cleaned properly, Vessels that have not been cleaned properly can spoil your brew.
  • Or, if you prefer and have the facility you can simply hire our equipment and finish it off at home

Please note: Beer that is left in our fermentation/ temperature-controlled room longer than four weeks can pose a risk to other beers and will be disposed of on your behalf, unless a special arrangement has been made.